Official Training Providers
Here you will find all of our OFFICIAL training providers and more info about each one. Each trainer is a valued member of our team and a successful entrepreneur in their own right, individually honouring our core and brand values. Each selected trainer will be delivering high quality ,fully insurable accredited courses on our behalf. All courses running are exactly the same with the same content created by us, but we let you decide who is best for you.
Alex Alexander
Bachelor of Science First Class honours Child Nursing Degree - Bachelor Award in Education & PGCE First Class Honours Degree
I am a registered nurse specialising in skin aesthetics. I have always been passionate about the skin. My journey begun in 2009 when I registered as a nurse and became obsessed with the skin and its functions. Aesthetics to me means the sense of self individuals set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty. My aim is to improve health from the inside out. If we are treating your skin we start with diet changes and also consider mental health if every client. Through this approach my passion is to help you achieve a more desired version of yourself. Education is key. Prior to obtaining a first class honours degree in Nursing I completed a degree in education. Alex holds training courses in Liverpool, Harley Street London and Essex.
Sophie Griffin
Advanced Skin Expert, Beauty Educator Diploma, Owner of SG Aesthetic UK
I pride myself on offering my clients not only the best advanced treatments but also the advice to go with it. Skin health is the most important thing to me and that involves home care, diet, lifestyle as well as treatments. My clients leave my clinics full of knowledge regarding their skin and how to care for it at home. I have been treating the skin for years but I still study it every day, you can never stop learning. I decided to open a training academy because I wanted to raise industry standards and offer the most in depth courses with lifetime support for students. I want to create a community of highly skilled experts that care more about their clients skin than anything else. I have 2 luxury private skin clinics in the north and the south of England and my training academy covers the UK.